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The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day is in lesbians with you.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with today’s Behind the Scenes Pic!

So, Edgar Wright came into town this past weekend to break in the new Alamo Drafthouse theater on Slaughter Lane (I call it the Slaughterhouse) by showing every feature he’s directed save the rarely seen Fistful of Fingers. I got to revisit these films, save Shaun of the Dead which was alright because of his three films Shaun is the one I’ve seen the most.

A year or so distance from Scott Pilgrim I found my appreciation of the kinetic energy of the film has grown. Time will be kind to this one. I registered how great the supporting cast was the first time around, but a revisit proves just how important Ellen Wong’s Knives Chau and Johnny Simmons’ Young Neil and Kieran Culkin’s Wallace Wells is to keeping the film from floating out into unreachable ridiculousness. Especially Wong, the only real innocence of the film.

My decision was made pretty quickly that I’d flip through the folders and find a Scott Pilgrim shot for today and find one I did. This set, the Chaos Theater, was what I got to see with my own eyes when Universal did their press day way back when. It was a crazy build and I saw the lead up to what happens in this shot. I saw them launch the coins down the steps.

At the Q&A for Pilgrim Edgar said $20,000 in coins was used in this scene and that Mark Webber (I forgot to mention him earlier, but he is also super good in this film) unashamedly grabbed about $30 worth and left with it. But it’s Canadian money, so that’s like getting upset that he walked off the set with all the 100s from the Monopoly board.

This shot just proves to remind us that even with silly movies there’s someone that’s gotta clean up the damn mess. Enjoy and click to enlargen!



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-Eric Vespe
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