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The "ALIENS ON ICE" gang is tackling JURASSIC PARK!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here with an odd little bit of awesome that crossed my desk this morning and seeing as how it's JURASSIC PARK related - I can't help but put it out there. So based on the title above, you're one of two people A) someone who's heard about "ALIENS ON ICE" or B) someone who has no clue what I'm talking about. Bam! Class is now in session.

While some men set out to rape your childhood (I'm looking at you Michael "Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles" Bay), it's refreshing to see what the gang at Old Murder House Theatre is up to - celebrating film after film with bizarre as hell comedy farces, essentially goofy love letters to the original films. The comedy theater troup, lead by Sam Eidson, has just announced it's next project: "JURASSIC FARCE" complete with a US tour.

Austin, TX  …  June 10th
Houston, TX  …  June 12th
New Orleans, LA  …  June 14th
Atlanta, GA  …   June 16th
Washington D.C.  …  June 18th
New York, NY  …   June 20th
Boston, MA  …  June 21st
Chicago, IL  …  June 23rd
San Francisco, CA  …  June 26th
Los Angeles, CA  …   June 28th
Dallas, TX  …   July 1st
Austing, TX (Encore)  …  July 3rd

So a totally fan made stage play spoofing one of the greatest films of all time from the dudes who did ALIENS ON ICE and a ROBOCOP: LIVE!? Yeah, I'm down. How about you guys? Check out the gang's kickstarter page for more info.

Here's a taste of the ALIENS ON ICE craziness:


- Mike McCutchen



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