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Live in Chicago? Capone has seats for an advance screening of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, with director Drew Goddard and star Amy Acker Q&A!!!

Capone in Chicago here.

First off, take a look at this exclusive poster that will be given out at this Chicago event. Pay particular attention to the quote from a particularly astute (and I hear quite handsome) critic.

If you want in on this, you should read the following very closely. There are quite a few very good movies out right now, but once THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is released on April 13, no other films will matter to fans of horror in particular and of smart, fun movies in general. Come to think of it, no other films will exist that weekend.

You more than likely know that this long-on-the-shelf directing debut from Drew Goddard (writer of CLOVERFIELD, producer/exec producer credit on such shows as "Alias" and "Lost," and writer of many an episode of "Alias," "Buffy," and "Angel"; and he wrote the adaptation of ROBOPOCALYPSE, which is set to be Steven Spielberg's film after LINCOLN) did not sit unreleased because there were problems with it; quite the contrary. The film is damn near perfect. But money problems at MGM forced CABIN (co-written by Godard and Joss Whedon) and a couple other properties to sit in limbo for a couple of years. Thank the lord, Lionsgate came in and took control of this film, and now I get to invite a select few readers to come see it with me.

And to sweeten the pot, we've got a couple of guests for you. Co-writer and director Drew Goddard and one of the stars of the film, Amy Acker (a familiar name in the Whedon-verse), will be on hand for a post-screening Q&A. Oh baby. The screening of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS will take place Monday, March 26 at 8:00pm at the Kerasotes Showplace ICON Theater.

We're handling this contest a little different than most of the contests I do (I'm basically not in the equation here in terms of selected winners), and it will require you to act fast and get to the screening especially early. To win, go to THE CABIN IN THE WOODS Facebook Page, click on Chicago, fill out the form, the PIN Code is "CITW-AICN", and if you win, you'll find out soon. From the looks of things, each entry gets you one (1) ticket only; no guests. And then just show up early. I'm not sure if Ain't It Cool readers get reserved seats or not, so let's assume not for the time being. Your names will not be posted on the site, and you won't get an email from me. So whatever Facebook gives you, that's your ticket, and I'm assuming your name will be on a list at the door as well.

Be prepared to show a photo ID at the door. If you name isn't on the RSVP list, you don't get in. And the same Blacklist rules apply. If you win a pass for this contest and don't show up, the blacklist will be your new best friend. Enjoy that party.

This is going to be a spectacularly great event, and the movie is going to floor you. If you were smart, you would keep far away from any trailers, commercials, reviews, etc. Best to go in knowing as little as possible about THE CABIN IN THE WOODS.

Good luck, everyone! And thanks to Lionsgate for giving us this very fun screening and bringing Drew Goddard and Amy Acker to Chicago.

-- Steve Prokopy
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