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Houston! Ticket Giveaway! Why Go To AMC For Your AVENGERS Marathon When You Can Go To The ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE!

Nordling here.

Yeah, we've been planning this for months and AMC took the wind out of our sails with their marathon.  But so what?  The Alamo Drafthouse will be doing the same thing... and tickets are on sale now!  Plus, you get all the terrific food that the Drafthouse has to offer - screw that crappy popcorn when you can get an Alamo Burger or a Raging Bull Pizza (my personal favorite) delivered right to you as you watch our Marvel heroes kick all kinds of butt on May 3rd.  If you're going to be sitting in a theater for 12 hours, believe me, you can't do better than the Alamo Drafthouse.  We're getting:






and then at midnight, the movie that we Marvel fans have been waiting to see for over 50 years - Joss Whedon's AVENGERS.  The fun starts at noon, Thursday, May 3rd, and lasts all day until the midnight screening of AVENGERS, and takes place at all Alamo venues.  We'll have fun, games, spandex, and various other activities to entertain you between the movies.  Ticket prices differ for each theater, but here in Houston, they'll be only $35!  Now that, my friends, is a heck of a deal.  Click here to purchase.

And, yes, I'm doing a ticket giveaway!  One pair of tickets to this all day event of Marvel kickassocity.  But you're going to have to jump through a hoop or two for this one.  To win the two tickets, you MUST:

Shoot a YouTube video with you in a Marvel superhero costume of you doing a good deed somewhere in the Houston area.

The person with the best video (determined by me) will win two tickets.  Just so you know, I'm going to be strict about this - it's entirely possible that if no one does a video no one will win that pair of tickets.  Any videos made will be shown during the event, so I encourage you to have fun with it.  We will pick a winning video the week before the marathon by email, but you can forward your YouTube links to

Seriously can't wait for this event, and thanks to the Alamo Drafthouse, 8th Dimension Comics and Games, Marvel Comics, and Robert Saucedo for setting this up.  It's almost time to assemble, true believers!

Nordling, out.  Follow me on Twitter!

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