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Megan Fox And Zoe Saldana Are Getting Together For SWINDLE!!!

The Kidd here...

Megan Fox and Zoe Saldana together in the same movie... 

If nothing else, at least you know it'll look good.

Paramount is hoping for something more than that though, picking up the action-heist flick SWINDLE on spec to be developed by Michael De Luca (MONEYBALL) and frontlined by Saldana and Fox. Deadline reports that the duo has wanted to work together, and this happened to be the vehicle which brought them together. Details of the story are being kept quiet, but Saldana and Fo as a pair of bad-ass chicks sounds about right to me. 

I'm extremely curious to see how the Fox-Saldana pairing could turn out. I think Fox continues to get a bum rap as a bad actress, even though she hasn't been called upon to really "act" in any of the projects she's been involved in. Running in slow motion away from robots and explosions while yelling is hardly the type of material we can use to judge one's talents. She's hardly the problem in JONAH HEX, and PASSION PLAY was a failure to all involved, Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray included. I'm reserving judgment on Fox until I actually see her in something that calls upon her to really carry a character - FRIENDS WITH KIDS, THE DICTATOR and THIS IS FORTY should be solid tests - but, in the meantime, I'll at least hope for the best for a film that could wind up looking something like this...


Image created by The Iron Lion at Deviant Art. Fantastic job. 


-Billy Donnelly

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