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Xerxes Is Returning To Play Xerxes In 300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA!!

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You can't certainly have a movie about Xerxes without Xerxes involved, so it's nice to hear the news from Deadline that Rodrigo Santoro is returning to reprise his role from 300 in the follow-up of sorts, 300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA. 

There's been some shifting as to what 300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA will actually entail, with the initial plan being to follow Frank Miller's Xerxes, which followed Xerxes and his search to become a god, starting 10 years prior to the events of 300 and carrying up to where the first film picked up. It's now starting to appear that Noam Murro's film will be more of a companion piece to 300, taking place at about the same time as the Spartans' stand, just from a different angle in the expansion of Xerxes' empire. 

300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA is set to start rolling sometime this summer.


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