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ScoreKeeper Announces Ten Winners of THE SHRINE Soundtrack Autographed by Composer Ryan Shore!!

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here to announce the ten winners of THE SHRINE (2011) Soundtrack autographed by composer Ryan Shore. These ten folks are in for a real treat. By the way, the film is available for streamin on Netflix so you can either check out the film first or just dive headstrong into the music. Be sure to have handy come Halloween...

The ten winners are...

Jason Ritzenthaler of Williamsville, New York

Kevin Peach of Aurora, Colorado

Scott Zimmerman of Kettering, Ohio

Shayne Mowery of Schenectady, New York

David McCracken of Los Angeles, California

David Whitehurst of Sacramento, California

Kevin Feingold of Tamarac, Florida

Scott Kunkle of West Lawn, Pennsylvannia

John Goodman of Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada

Rogeno Mahor of Chicago, Illinois


The CDs will be shipped out tomorrow. Enjoy!


For more information about THE SHRINE soundtrack, visit ScreamWorks Records.



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