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Learn When And Where The Next PROMETHEUS Trailer Will Arrive!!


Merrick here...

Looks like a new PROMETHEUS trailer arrives next Saturday, March 17.  Premiering at a special AMC event featuring Sir Ridley Scott, which'll be Livestreamed.  Per THIS piece on AMC's site, PROMETHEUS scripter Damon Lindelof will host a 30 minute Q&A with Scott after the new trailer's premiere.  

Interestingly, the actual event is "invite only."  HOWEVER, the whole shebang can be watched online in real time.  Here's how:   


Livestream will be streaming the entire event LIVE online and it will be viewable at the following destinations:



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With an event like this, you don't just want to be a viewer, you want to be a participant! Submit your questions now for Ridley Scott by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll also be taking questions during the event on the destinations listed above.

Immediately following the live event the new Prometheus trailer will be available on the AMC Theatres YouTube channel: Make sure you subscribe to our channel so you can be among the first to see it!


The timing of this frustrates me as I have line vouchers for the Austin auditions of AMERICA'S GOT TALENT!  (Must.  Go.  Watch.  STERN!) and I'm not sure I'll be home in time to see this PROMETHEUS event live.  Anyone know how line vouchers work on AGT?  You still gotta stand in line, and get there super-early, right? Never really done anything exactly like this before, so I'm a tad lost.  


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