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An Interesting Video About The Making Of Those Forthcoming Mattel Hoverboards From BACK TO THE FUTUREs II & III.

Merrick here...

A few weeks ago, we learned of Mattel's plans to produce a screen-accurate replica of the Hoverboards from BACK TO THE FUTUREs II & III (details HERE).  

Those Hoverboards are now on-order - only through March 20 - and you can find 'em HERE.

The fine folks over at Beyond The Marquee took a camera and talked to the Mattel team painstakingly developing these Hoverboard replicas.  The video includes insight into the replica's design, the implementation of its sound features (sourced from the film), a tease about its glide (but not "hover") dynamic, and a discussion of how the final product will differ from the prototypes we've seen promoted so far.  

For those of you wanting these boards with handlebars (seen when the board is introduced as a scooter in BTTF 2  -  before Marty removes 'em)?  This board won't come with handlebars.  Not the best call, as far as I'm concerned.  Doesn't seem like it would be THAT big a deal to include  detachable handlebars.  The rest, though, is looking pretty darn nice from what I can tell.  

Here's the Beyond the Marquee video.  



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