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Looking at the box office for JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND ($275 million and counting), it was to be expected that another sequel would be forthcoming.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that New Line Cinema has already locked up deals with director Brad Peyton, who'll be returning to the franchise for his second go-'round, and writers Brian and Mark Gunn to make JOURNEY 3 or whatever it'll be called. 

The plan is to have the third movie ready for a 3-D release by 2014, although there's no word yet on which of the cast may be returning. Josh Hutcherson might be a little busy moving forward with the expected popularity of THE HUNGER GAMES, and The Rock seems to have a pretty full agenda right now. I bet they could always bring Brendan Fraser back, if needed. It's not like he's been doing too much as of late.

I didn't catch JOURNEY 2, primarily because the first JOURNEY was quite enough for me, but, from those who did see it, the second effort seems to have been somewhat of an improvement over the initial offering (Pec Pop of Love notwithstanding). 

The only real question now is: After journeying to both the center of the earth and the Mysterious Island, where is the next family adventure headed?


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