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The Kidd's Got Winners For The South Florida Screening Of JOHN CARTER!!!

The Kidd here...

It's a little later than promised, but I've got the complete list of winners for our South Florida advance screening of JOHN CARTER in 3-D.

If your name's on the list, you've got a pair of tickets coming to you (for you and a guest), and instructions are on the way as to how to pick up your tickets. If you haven't received that email before Monday, email me right away, and I'll get you the necessary info.

Congrats to all our winners, and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday night. 


Carl Boehm (+1)

Brenda Burns (+1)

Malcom Burns (+1)

Alex Cano (+1)

Ian Coutts (+1)

David Crespo (+1)

Danielle Davis (+1)

Stephanie Ann Diaz (+1)

Kevin Feingold (+1)

Matthew Gill (+1)

Ryan Hamilton (+1)

Mauricio Hawkings (+1)

Dom Herrera (+1)

Evan Jaxtheimer (+1)

Kenny Latorre (+1)

Tom Lauder (+1)

Raul Lezcano (+1)

Victor Malagon (+1)

Tim Marking (+1)

David Martinez (+1)

Michael Migliore (+1)

Jesse Moore (+1)

Daniel O'Connell (+1)

William Osceola (+1)

Yessica Perez (+1)

Mark Rochotte (+1)

Daniel Rodriguez (+1)

David Rodriguez (+1)

Gus Sanchez (+1)

Don Schuler (+1)

Riyaad Seecharan (+1)

Kory Smith (+1)

Adam Stevenson (+1)

Ben Temples (+1)

Eli Tilen (+1)

Richard Tingle (+1)

Pablo Villagrasa (+1)

Jason Wooldridge (+1)


-Billy Donnelly

"The Infamous Billy The Kidd"

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