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Bruce Willis To Be One Of FIVE AGAINST A BULLET?!


Merrick here...

Bruce Willis isn't shying away from action thriller roles these days.  He's expected back for the sequel to RED, which we recently learned will be directed by GALAXY QUEST's Dean Parisot.  He'll be appearing this Summer as General Joe Colton (the prototype "Joe") in G.I. JOE: RETALIATION, as well as reprising his "Church" role for EXPENDABLES 2.  AND, he'll soon start work on A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD, the fifth installment in his long-lived DIE HARD franchise directed to be directed by John Moore (THE OMEN remake, MAX PAYNE).  

Now comes word that he's on board FIVE AGAINST A BULLET, to be scripted by Alex Litvak (PREDATORS and Paul W.S. Anderson's THREE MUSKETEERS).  A press release regarding the project reveals that the tale...

centers on a Mexican politician who, after his father is killed by a drug cartel, hires the five best bodyguards from around the world to protect him through a contentious election.

The movie will be produced by  Lorenzo di Bonaventura  (the G.I. JOE and TRANSFORMERS films and RED), Jordan Schur (WARRIOR), and David Mimran (WARRIOR).  In THIS piece at Collider, di Bonaventura describes FIVE AGAINST A BULLET as a project that... 

"...will pay homage to movies like The Wild Bunch or The Magnificent Seven. It’s a hardcore shoot-em up with men of questionable morality coming up against maybe their humanity as a result of it." 

I can see this picture working very well in the hands of the right director.  From its initial descriptions, I'm catching something of an old school John Woo vibe about it.   But maybe that's just me, projecting...


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