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Praises be that SOUND OF NOISE has found U.S. Distribution - here's the trailer!

Hey folks, Harry here with great news.   Back, 2 years ago this film kicked every ass of every attendee that saw the film at FANTASTIC FEST.   That's why it won BEST FILM at that year's FANTASTIC FEST.   The film is one of the most amazingly different crime films that I've ever had the utter delight to see.   Remember the whimsy of SNEAKERS?   That creative caper was an absolute delight.   This, in it's own completely different way made me as happy as SNEAKERS, but had a really transcendent quality.   Sort of like in DELICATESSEN when the Bedspring musical occurs.    I can not possibly recommend this film highly enough.   Be happy, it is coming!   I can not wait to own this!


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