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Dwayne Johnson Talks FAST SIX and SEVEN!!

Merrick here...

Dwayne Johnson - whose now-in-theaters JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND I saw over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed  (a special tip of the hat to Andrew Lockington's score)  - spoke with MTV about the production of FAST SIX and FAST SEVEN.  These represent the sixth and seventh entries in the FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise.  

Originally, there was some consideration given to shooting both installments back-to-back, as the two pictures are apparently one big story that got divided into two parts (per Vin Diesel HERE).  Seems plans now call for the movies  to be made separately.  Johnson reveals he'll be filming in U.K. and Germany (although doesn't mention which location is attached to which film - or if both locations will appear in both movies).  He also shushes up the MTV guy in one of the funniest interview moments I've seen in some time. 

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