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Tony Scott's Next Movie May Be...

Merrick here...

Tony Scott, whose last directorial undertaking was 2012's choo-choo thriller UNSTOPPABLE with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, may be closing in on his next project.  

Looks like it may be LUCKY STRIKE, described as "an action film in which a DEA agent teams with a drug runner to take down a drug cartel."  The film, which Vince Vaughn appears to be orbiting, is written by Henry Bean.  Per THIS piece at Deadline.  

I'm presuming the Henry Bean who is scripting this picture is the same Henry Bean who wrote Mike Figgis' INTERNAL AFFAIRS and the considerably more recent  recent BASIC INSTINCT 2, in which Sharon Stone reprised her role from Paul Verhoeven's 1992 film.

She's still damn hot...


Tony Scott, brother of Ridley (I'm amazed by how many film fans I've come across who still haven't drawn this connection) is also a Producer on the forthcoming ALIEN prequel PROMETHEUS.  That films is being produced through their Scott Free shingle.


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