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There's a STAR TREK video game that is going to lead into JJ's STAR TREK 2 apparently...

Hey folks, Harry here...  JJ's STAR TREK 2 is pretty much a complete mystery at this point.  For this game there's an enemy race attempting to conquer the galaxy.   The game hits in the 1st quarter of 2013 but will "pave the way" to JJ's film which hits May 17th.   Found this out over at ShackNews - which has a video of in game footage, which I have to say seems pretty darn cool.   Love the space walk stuff.   But if you look - there is an alien ship here.   WILL THAT BE THE BAD GUYS?   I don't instantly recognize the ship, but figured I'd share with you folks, so that perhaps we'll have the answer soon enough.  

This was shown at E3 last year - and has been online for awhile, but with today's press release from Paramount stating that the game is now directly leading into the film - it's time to revisit this old game footage...  don't you think?

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