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Will you be watching the AVENGERS with these 3D glasses? Or these Darth Maul 3D glasses with that?

Hey folks, Harry here...  Over on my Facebook, "theReluctantAustinite," asked me if I was going to collect these.   


I really dig the HULK & IRON MAN & CAPTAIN AMERICA glasses, but I'm a bit disappointed in THOR's.   The design just doesn't scream "THE GOD OF THUNDER" to me.   Also...  I want Purple HAWKEYE ones and some sexy Black Widow glasses that are feminine for the ladies, what love superheroes!  No matter...  We'll be seeing THE AVENGERS this summer - and some of us will be wearing these...   So that THE AVENGERS looks like this...


No sooner do I post this, than StarWars' Twitter posts up this:


Those will be at all RealD theaters apparently.  Where are the Jar Jar glasses?  Or LittleAni 3D Pod Racing Goggles?

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