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Willem Dafoe is THE HUNTER trying to bag a Tasmanian Tiger!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  The notion of going out with the express purpose of killing a Tasmanian Tiger... if one exists, is sort of like Porky Pig going out to hunt the last of the DoDos.   But, I get that these things probably happen in our world with a frequency that none of us are aware of.   That said, if you loved THE GREY this weekend, as I expect most of you did...  and you need more man against nature...  and really, who doesn't?   Well, THE HUNTER might just be the thing for ya.   It has been getting decent reviews and also co-stars Sam Neill...  SO, any film with both Sam and Willem hunting something...  well that's a movie worth investing a couple hours in, right?   Here's the domestic trailer for the film...


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