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Merrick here...

Details are now emerging about the still-untitled LAST EXORCISM sequel.  

Eli Roth, who produced the first one, is repeating those duties this time around.  The progenitor film's director, Daniel Stamm, won't be back  - that mission is now being undertaken by SMALL TOWN MURDER SONGS helmer Ed Gass-Donnelly.  

Per Eli Roth and THIS piece at Deadline...

"...we want to go deeper and darker this time. The first film worked great as a PG-13 psychological film, but now we want to go R-rated and show the true horror of what this subject matter offers. The biggest creative challenge will be coming up with the right title!”

The lovely Ashley Bell, so unnervingly effective as 'Nell' back in 2010's installment, is returning as well.  At this time, no plot details have been released regarding scripter Damien Chazelle's plot for the new movie, although Deadline's sources indicate the new picture will begin threee months after the previous tale left off.  


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