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An ACT OF VALOR Review Appears Online!!

Merrick here...

A few days ago we discussed ACT OF VALOR (HERE), an action thriller which uses real life Navy SEALS, wielding real life combat tactics and tech, in a fictional storyline cribbing from five real world events.  

On the same day of that posting (but after my piece went online), I turned into Howard Stern's SiriusXM show and heard him discussing how much he loved the movie, which he'd recently seen at a screening in NYC.  

Now comes a reaction to the film from one of the readers at Latino Review.  Mr. Clean, the author, doesn't provide too many details, but nicely summarizes what we can expect from the picture - with agreeable balance.  I've encapsulated a few pertinent points herein, but encourage you to check out all of whole thing HERE.  

In the barbecue scene on the beach, the team leader even says that is the place for them to air any dirty laundry, let go of any personal problems at home or difficulties they may be having with each other. Otherwise, when they are out in the field the team is not in sync, putting all of them at risk. This moment truly feels genuine, like a real discussion they probably have right before every mission. 


Though the movie often gets into heavy action mode, I didn’t feel like the action sequences were there just as an excuse to blow stuff up. The villains feel a little cardboard, but their intentions are just as real as those in the real world out to incite terror and anarchy.


 I’m not gonna say “Act of Valor” was a haunting experience, but it did get me thinking about those guys who sacrificed everything for their country during my ride home. Yes, it’s an action movie, but one with the best intentions in that it contains a message within. 

ACT OF VALOR opens February 24.  


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