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Tis Christmas Eve... 2 weeks after Geek Christmas aka BUTT-NUMB-A-THON - Here's the annual BNAT Bag Article!


Moisés here. BNATTERS may recognize my name, since I have been “The Bag Guy” for the last couple of years. It was my distinct pleasure to not only attend my fifth BNAT running, but it was even more so to be as deeply involved as I was on a number of fronts for BNAT13WOLF.


The lion’s share of my time was dedicated to THE GOODIE BAG, which I decided it would be appropriate to write about on Christmas Eve, since BNAT itself has been referred to as GEEK CHRISTMAS thanks in no small part to THE BAG and its generous sponsors. Before I get to detailing the goodies that were gotten, I should thank our biggest sponsors.


The TEEN WOLF reference that adorned the bag this year.


First and foremost, RealD 3D is one of our longest standing partners at BNAT. There is more than one 3D technology used in cinemas across the country (and world), and even gorgeous, sumptuous movies like HUGO can look like garbage due to substandard  presentation. The folks at the Alamo Drafthouse employ RealD across their entire chain in addition to making sure that they don’t under-light their bulbs and so on (like other chains often do). The RealD 3D process, it should be noted, is the only one rated to handle the 48 frames per second 3D being used in THE HOBBIT.


We had a pair of great home video sponsors that hooked up our BNATTERS with some uniquely cool stuff. Kino Lorber hooked everyone up with a disc from a Blu-ray assortment that included Buster Keaton’s SEVEN CHANCES, French film GOING PLACES (which launched Gérard Depardieu’s career), and a lucky few went home with the MORODER METROPOLIS that played BNAT11.


Warner Archive, for those unfamiliar, are the manufactured-on-demand badasses who have brought movies that have been super hard to find back into our lives. FREEBIE AND THE BEAN, RAZORBACK, DOC SAVAGE: MAN OF BRONZE, THE GREEN SLIME, and countless other titles are a few clicks away now. Every BNATTER got a flyer that included a Magic Coupon Code that entitles them to a complimentary single disc DVD from the 1000+ titles in the Archive Collection.


BNATTERS: that code expires on 12/31/2011, so use it soon! When you do, tweet what you picked at me (@moiseschiu) and Warner Archive (@WarnerArchive).


A shot of everything that came in my bag.


Going clockwise roughly from the top left, THE BAG included:


True Blood Volume 1: All Together Now Trade Paperback from IDW Publishing

Fracture #1 (of 3) from Action Lab Comics

Old Soldiers #1 (of 7) from Big House Comics

Green “DONATE NOW” wristband

Three (3) novels from Fantasy Flight Games, including Ghouls of the Miskatonic, Embers of Atlantis, and Free Fall

Pur Sterile Glass Pipe (ahem) cleaner

Nicholas Burgess’ Wizard Planet CD (a Wizard and Werewolf-themed rock album!)

Kino Lorber disc (mine was the SEVEN CHANCES pictured)

Registered Weapon #1 comic digital download card

Warner Archive Magic Coupon Code flyer

BNAT13Wolf Yearbook (with RealD 3D plastered across the back cover)

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol cap


We also had a few bags that got copies of either DISORGANIZED CRIME or ASPEN EXTREME. A few bags also got CDs from the band Deserts of Mars ( Check them out.


Not pictured are the awesome BNAT13WOLF poster and a THE AVENGERS poster found in the poster tube.


Also not pictured are the goodies that were distributed during the show, including a TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY dossier and a CABIN IN THE WOODS poster.


The one last pic I have is of the awesome stickers produced by the badasses at, whom used the poster for reference:



That biggest one of Harry’s face is big enough to cover the Apple logo on the lid of every MacBook in existence. Not saying BNATTERS should deface a beautiful piece of technology with a degenerate like Harry’s face, but…the option is there to do with as you please.


One last bit before I go…


Being there for BNAT this year meant a great deal to me personally, and programming and securing one of the films (PORCO ROSSO) was like cake on top of cake (rather than just icing). I hope everyone who went enjoyed their faces off, and I hope those who weren’t among the lucky few will try again next year.


If any of you have any need to get in touch in the future, use the following email address:

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