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See Daniel Day-Lewis At Full-Tilt Abeness!!


Merrick here...

A few weeks ago we got a sense of Daniel Day-Lewis' appearance as Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's forthcoming film called, well, LINCOLN.  


Despite the inherent anachronism of that behind-the-scenes shot, Lewis clearly looks pretty amazing...perhaps even that make-up.  

Now comes another behind-the-scenes image from the project, this time featuring Lewis in more iconic Lincoln attire.  This may be our fist look at Lewis/Lincoln in full regalia - if there was a previous glimpse I'm not aware of it.  This via The Richmond Times-Dispatch, which ran the image in an article about the production locally.      


The image, which is EMBIGGENABLE, is credited to Thomas Hoffman.  

Lewis sure looks awesome in this new photo, and I suspect he'll be customarily immaculate in the role.  But to me, he is...and forever shall remain...Nathaniel Poe.  


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