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Win a Copy of Benny Chan's Mutant Battle Royale "City Under Siege!"


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Column by Scott Green


City Under Siege has been described as X-Men with Jacki Chan collaborators. The 2010 City Under Siege, Benny Chan (the 1995 Donnie Yen Fist of Fury, Who Am I? Gen-X Cops, New Police Story, the recent Shaolin) brings together entertainer Aaron Kwok (Storm Riders/Warriors), Collin Chou (Jet Li’s Fearless, The Matrix Reloaded) and Qi Shu (The Transporter) with choreographer Chung Chi Li (Rush Hour, New Police Story).

Sunny, a lowly circus clown, dreams of following in his father’s footsteps by perfecting lethal Flying Dagger technique. That dream seemingly dies the night a group of bullies force Sunny into a mysterious cave where an abandoned military experiment turns them all into mutants! Suddenly bestowed with superhuman strength, Sunny finally has the power to master his father’s technique and defend the city against his horribly-disfigured fellow mutants!

FUNimation will be releasing the feature in a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack on December 27th, and AICN is fortunate to have five copies to give away.

Enter to win by sending an e-mail with the subject line "City Under Siege" and your postal address to by December 22nd. Sorry, but this restricted to residents of the United States.


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