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Hey Martial Arts Movie Fans, Wanna Win a Copy of "Legend is Born – Ip Man?!"


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Column by Scott Green


Want another movie about Wing Chun master Ip Man? Want one with Sammo Hung in it? Well, good news. FUNimation, best known for their anime releases, is contuing to grow their line of live action titles with The Legend is Born – Ip Man - coming to DVD and Blu-ray December 13th.

The Legend is Born isn't from the same studio as the Wilson Yip/Donnie Yen action biopics, but the Herman Yau/Dennis To movie does bring in unparalleled Sammo Hung as Ip Man's sifu, Chan Wah-shun, Yuen Biao as Ip Man's senior, Ng Chung-sok, and even the real Ip Man's son, Ip Chun.


The True Story of Bruce Lee's Mentor. On DVD & Blu-ray 12.13.11

For the first time, witness the early years of the revolutionary grandmaster who trained Martial arts superstar and cultural icon, Bruce Lee. Packed with Kung Fu combat and thick with drama, The Legend is Born follows Ip Man as he grows from a promising young pupil into an unstoppable force. When political corruption threatens his temple, his friends and his honor, Man singlehandedly challenges a swarm of shinobi in an ultimate showdown. Featuring a blind-folded battle between film stars Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, and an appearance by Ip Man’s real son, this high-impact masterpiece undoubtedly “deserves to be seen by all Martial arts fans.” –

AICN is pleased to have five copies of the martial arts biopic film to give away. Enter to win by sending an e-mail with the subject line "Ip-Man" and your postal address to by December 11th. Sorry, but this restricted to residents of the United States.





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