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ScoreKeeper Announces the Five Winners of the GREMLINS CD by Jerry Goldsmith!

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here to announce the lucky winners who will be receiving a rather awesome gift a little early this year. A lot of you must really love the score to GREMLINS (1984). Who can blame you? I received almost twice as many entries as I normally do for a typical soundtrack giveaways.

...but this is far from typical, isn't it?



So let's get to it. The five winners who will be receiving a CD copy of GREMLINS by Jerry Goldsmith courtesy of Retrograde Records, Film Score Monthly, and Screen Archives Entertainment are…

Arthur Tarnowski of Montreal, Canada
Eddie D'Agostino of Seattle, Washington
Mark Schriefer of Toledo, Ohio
Hugo Luquet of Paris, France
Brandon Tanner of Tomball, Texas

For all those who didn't win...look on the bright side. Now you know exactly what to ask Santa for Christmas this year! If you really love this score, buy five or six and pass them out to friends and loved ones. You want to be the person that gives the cool gifts don't you?

For more information including a complete track listing and audio samples check out Screen Archives Entertainment.




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