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AICN COMICS Q&@: Ambush Bug talks with Writer/Artist Tim Seeley about HATCHET/SLASH, a new HACK/SLASH ANNUAL starring HATCHET’s Victor Crowley (in stores this week)!!!

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Ambush Bug here with a short chat I had with HACK/SLASH writer/artist Tim Seeley. Seeley is a great guy and always fun to talk with since, like me, he’s a fan of all things horror. Seeley has a new HACK/SLASH ANNUAL out pitting Cassie Hack and Vlad against HATCHET’s Victor Crowley in a comic Seeley calls HATCHET/SLASH. Here’s what Seeley said about the book, in stores this week!

AMBUSH BUG (BUG): HACK/SLASH is crossing over with HATCHET's Victor Crowley. How did this collaboration come about?

TIM SEELEY (TS): I met Adam Green through mutual friends a few times, and I liked the guy and his work. One day it occurred to me that I'd be an idiot to pass up the chance to have Cassie go up against Victor Crowley. So I literally just emailed Adam and asked. Easy Peezy.

BUG: So tell me a little about the story leading into this ANNUAL. What has Cassie Hack been up to lately?

TS: The main series has put Cassie and Vlad through the ringer lately. We've set them against new slashers, and switched out the supporting cast too. But HATCHET/SLASH kind of stands on its own. It's really a more "classic" Hack/Slash story.

BUG: Are you a fan of the HATCHET films?

TS: For sure. I even had the deluxe DVD of the movie with the Hatchet keychain when it first came out. As much a I dig HATCHET, though, I always recommend Adam's other film, FROZEN, whenever I get the chance.

BUG: Seems serial killers are having a bit of a comeback over the last year in horror films with HATCHET, LAID TO REST, and SCREAM all having new sequels. That's got to be good news for Cassie. Why do you think slasher films continue to be popular?

TS: I don't think they ever went away. If anything, HATCHET represented a return to traditional American slasher movie form, but slasher films are always popular. They're cheap to make, and at their core, they appeal to the kind of people who are most likely to go see a movie in the theater: teenagers. That whole sex and death thing is irresistible to the under 20 crowd. I think film studios like to act like they don't rely on such base material, but whole companies were built off the backs of Freddy, Chucky and Jigsaw.

BUG: Were there any guidelines or restrictions given by Green regarding his Victor Crowley character?

TS: Just that our story had to fit in roughly between Hatchet 2 and 3.

BUG: Will any other of the new slashers be showing up in HACK/SLASH any time soon--maybe ChromeSkull from LAID TO REST or Babyface from HILLS RUN RED or even the killer from MALEVOLENCE/BEREAVEMENT?

TS: I'm always up for talking about it! I think we could have a great time with some of those characters. One of the great things about Hatchet is that Adam owns it. So the paperwork was absolutely nil. The more film slashers we can deal with that don't involve corporations and licensing departments, the better.

BUG: What's next for HACK/SLASH--if they survive their encounter with Victor Crowley, that is?

TS: The ongoing series keeps on going...we're in the middle of "Interdimensional Women's Prison Breakout" and after that we head into out giant monster/slasher mash up "Monster Baiting."

BUG: Last chance: why should folks be sure to pick up HATCHET/SLASH: HACK/SLASH ANNUAL #3, and when can they get their grubby mitts on it?

TS: It’ll be out in late November! If you want a copy, tell your comic book retailer now, so they can hold one for you. The book will probably sell out!

BUG: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.

TS: Thanks, Mark!

BUG: Look for HATCHET/SLASH: HACK/SLASH ANNUAL #3 out late November from Image Comics!

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