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PROMETHEUS Pics Hit EW, And They Are... Interesting?

Beaks here...

We know Entertainment Weekly is a haven for shitty photoshopping (remember that atrocious AVENGERS cover?), so let's not judge the above image too harshly. Going off the footage I saw at Comic Con, the film's lighting is far more muted (i.e. closer to the original ALIEN) than what we're seeing here. I understand why studios debut pictures in EW, but is the inevitable bad buzz worth it? I'm sure Vanity Fair would be thrilled to premiere something like this.

As should be obvious from the watermarks, Bloody-Disgusting has all of the pics, and they give us a basic sense of how Ridley's tweaked the ALIEN aesthetic (with an assist from H.R. Giger). That PROMETHEUS is more about discovering the origin of life on Earth - which then ties into the ALIEN universe somehow - is intriguing,  Despite the shitty quality of these images, I'm still very excited for this film.

PROMETHEUS hits theaters June 8th, 2012.

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