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Scorsese to direct THE SNOWMAN, the first film adaptation of the Norwegian Harry Hole series!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Martin Scorsese is headed back into the realm of Crime Thriller with THE SNOWMAN, the 7th book in the Harry Hole series.  The series was written by Norwegian author Jo Nesbo, whose HEADHUNTERS, which blew me away at Fantastic Fest earlier this year - and was one of the most successful films of all time in the Scandinavian area - and was picked up to be remade in the U.S.   HEADHUNTERS is a tremendous film and story.   I'm curious to see if this becomes a series for Scorsese or WORKING TITLE.   

They've hired Matthew Michael Carnahan, who penned the adaptation for WORLD WAR Z.  Which I find interesting.   Author Jo Nesbo describes THE SNOWMAN as a horror story.   He feels that THE SNOWMAN is the most horrific and scary story he's written.   Which bodes well for those of us that have wanted Scorsese to dip his talent in the syrupy awesome of horror!   

To find out more about THE SNOWMAN, feel free to click on the cover below, which will take you to Amazon, where you can purchase the book, or read about it on their page.   Frankly, I'm excited about this.   The Norwegian Crime Wave that's been hitting the U.S. has been one worth surfing.   So good!

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