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SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE's Anil Kapoor To Become 'Jack Bauer' For An Official Adaptation Of 24!!


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Films and television series being re-made/adapted for other countries is nothing new.  On the television front, PRIME SUSPECT, LIFE ON MARS, and THE X-FACTOR are among recent examples of UK shows that were rejiggered for the U.S.  - and U.K. is now enjoying a Britishization of LAW & ORDER - so this tendency is nothing terribly new.  What IS new is the recent news that the long-running thriller series 24 will soon be made for India!

Slumdog Millionaire's Anil Kapoor, who played Kamistan President Omar Hassan in the final season of the long-running counterterrorism action series, will star in a local iteration of the show and help usher Jack Bauer into his home country.


The adaptation was born out of Kapoor's passion for the series, which he brought to the attention of showrunner Howard Gordon during filming on the U.S. version's eighth season. Kapoor recalls Gordon telling him that he would help under one condition: that Kapoor play the Indian Jack Bauer.

Gordon is currently producing HOMELAND for Showtime, which itself is inspired by a series from another region - Israel in that instance.

Learn more about 24: INDIA (evidently an internal moniker at the moment) over at THR!


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