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AICN COMICS Q&@: Ambush Bug interviews Raven Gregory about Zenescope’s new ALICE IN WONDERLAND ongoing series!

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Hey folks, Ambush Bug here with an interview with Raven Gregory, the twisted mind behind Zenescope’s WONDERLAND series. Zenescope Entertainment is about to release its new ALICE IN WONDERLAND series in December and Raven had a chance to chat a bit about what to expect from this new ongoing. Enjoy!

AMBUSH BUG (BUG): So out of the ashes of the Dream Eater crossover springs a new Alice in Wonderland series. What do folks need to know going into this series?

RAVEN GREGORY (RG): This is the big one. The one all the fans of the original Wonderland trilogy have been waiting for. We're telling the story that really started it all. Alice. This is the story of her journey into the twisted realm of Wonderland. We're filling in all the missing pieces to questions that lingered over from the original series and explaining exactly how Alice ended up the way that she does and why.

BUG: Who are the major players in this series?

RG: Alice, The Jabberwocky, the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, The Mad Hatter, and one secret character who has been hiding in the shadows manipulating events behind the scenes.

BUG: What can you tell the readers at AICN about Alice in Wonderland that you haven't told anyone else?

RG: You can't trust gravity in wonderland;)

BUG: You set up the last Wonderland series as a series of arcs. How is this going to be different as an ongoing?

RG: This one is a limited series. We're handling this strictly as the prequel. I don't believe this will be turned into a trilogy like the others as it has a definitive ending. As for the ongoing, that has been put off until later next year.

BUG: What is it about the original Through the Looking Glass and Alice in Wonderland that fascinates you so?

RG: They all have this enduring quality. This pure sense of fantasy with an underlining darkness that is the backbone of all of the best fairy tales. There's something about that perfect combination that can grab you as a child and stay with you long into your adult years.

BUG: What aspects of the original stories attract you the most?

RG: I love the idea of a world where nothing makes sense. The child like metaphor for the horror that is insanity. It's an element that I only grazed upon in the first trilogy that I am definitely playing up in this new series. Things are going to be wild as we are implementing visual story techniques that I don't believe I have ever seen done in a comic book series before.

BUG: Who is the artist on AiW? How did he get the gig?

RG: Robert Gill is the penciler on the series. He's worked on a few books with me in the past that are just now coming out over the next few months like The Theater #3 and The Theater #4. He's also the artist on the next arc of FLY so we have a very comfortable working relationship. He's doing some things with this series that are really going to turn people's heads.

BUG: Last chance, why should folks check out Zenescope's new ALICE IN WONDERLAND series and when can they get it?

RG: It's Alice. Nuff said. First issue hits stands in December and is now available for pre-order in this month's PREVIEWS.

BUG: Sounds cool. As Raven said, look for ALICE IN WONDERLAND in December from Zenescope Entertainment and available to order in this month’s Previews!

Ambush Bug is Mark L. Miller, original @$$Hole / wordslinger / reviewer / co-editor of AICN Comics for over nine years. Mark is also a regular writer for FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and will be releasing FAMOUS MONSTERS first ever comic book miniseries LUNA in October (co-written by Martin Fisher with art by Tim Rees) You can pre-order it here! Support a Bug by checking out his comics (click on the covers to purchase)!

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  • Oct. 31, 2011, 11:18 a.m. CST

    That art is garbage

    by Autodidact

    Congrats on sucking complete balls.

  • Oct. 31, 2011, 2:59 p.m. CST

    "We're all mad here"

    by FeralAngel

    Spaketh the Chesire Cat. And I bet he'd be downright PISSED if he saw this incarnation of Alice. Alice with titties? Sigh...

  • Oct. 31, 2011, 10:43 p.m. CST

    Red Queen: The White Rabbit never told you about your mother ...

    by highfunctioningsociopath

    Alice: Nooooooo! That's not true! That's impossible! Red Queen: Not nearly as impossible as that cleavage of yours, I'm flat as a fucking board.

  • Nov. 1, 2011, 9:09 a.m. CST

    It looks like soft-core porn.

    by 3774

    But then that's no surprise when coming from such a 'twisted mind', as Ambush put it. How apropo. When Raven Gregory decides to produce work that does something more than appeal to the lowest common denominator by give teenage boys something to jerk off to, let me know, k?

  • ...You know, so Alice could buy a new dress or something? Geez, I hope they have laundromats, though.

  • Nov. 3, 2011, 11:56 a.m. CST

    Uh...I'm pretty sure Alice does eventually grow up

    by sweeneydave

    and get boobs. The Alice that they have been focusing on has been the grown up Alice. This article talks about Alice's first trip to Wonderland and she is indeed undeveloped in that pertaining artwork. No need for freakouts, ya wacky talkbackers.