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Want to name the bad guy in the new Mark Millar/Dave Gibbons/Matthew Vaughn comic book and help a good cause?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Mark Millar (not to be confused with our own Ambush Bug, Mark Miller) is teaming up with his Kick-Ass collaborator Matthew Vaughn and legendary artist Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) on a new comic called The Secret Service and had decided to leave the naming of the big bad guy up to the biggest fan with the deepest pockets.

The eBay auction is currently over $2,000 and ends in about 12 hours and all proceeds will be going towards funding a big trip for the kids at Millar's primary school.

This is a common thing for Millar, whose Kick-Ass lead, Dave Lizewski, was named by an auction winner.

Not much is known about The Secret Service other than Millar cooked it up with Matthew Vaughn, whose MARV Films has the movie rights to, and got Dave Gibbons for the art.

So, if you want to help a bunch of kids and immortalize your name (or your porn name for that matter) and have a ton extra money lying around in this horrible economy, then head on over the auction.

I'm sure we'll be hearing movie-related news about this title as we get closer to the comic's debut, but in the meantime here's the art attached to the auction:



-Eric Vespe
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