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Houston! Graveyard Shift! Dynamic Duos With Ticket Giveaway! Alamo Kids Club! October's Going To Rock!

Nordling here.

Just looking at the next month, I'm already exhausted.  But it's going to be that kind of exhaustion that comes with having an awesome time at the movies.  October, as you know, is the month everyone dusts off their scary DVDs and Blu-Rays and jumps into the horror genre with both feet, and the Alamo Drafthouse Houston is no exception.  But we have a new monthly program that I want to talk about as well - and I think everyone's going to really enjoy it.  First, the GRAVEYARD SHIFT:

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So THE THING remake/prequel is coming out on October 14th, and to celebrate we're screening john Carpenter's original film just before the midnight show of the new film.  Will the new film stack up to the original?  Who cares?  You get to see THE THING in a digital print onscreen for only $3, and if you want you can stick around for the new THING immediately afterwards (regular ticket prices apply for the new film).  Carpenter's film has just gotten better with age - and now it's one of the most influential and respected horror films ever made.  Regardless of whether or not the new film lives up to that, you can see the original in the way God intended.  We're also cranking up the air conditioner.  It's going to get mighty cold in that theater!  So let's just wait a while... see what happens.  Click here for tickets!

Then, Saturday, October 15th, we're doing another Graveyard Shift double feature, and this one's a good one.  We're doing the Fred Dekker double feature of THE MONSTER SQUAD and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS!  These 80s classics will be a really grand scary time and I can't wait to see them on the big screen.  I've never gotten to do that.  We're going to have games, trivia, and you could win an Alamo Prize pack if you come decked in your best zombie dance attire to be crowned the Graveyard Shift homecoming king and queen!  Seriously can't wait for this one.  It's been years since I've seen them both and our Graveyard Shift crowd is the best crowd to experience these films, so if you've seen them a hundred times or never, you should come out and enjoy!  Click here for tickets.

Real excited about this one.  Ain't It Cool News, 8th Dimension Comics And Games, and the Alamo Drafthouse are starting a new series of films called Dynamic Duos, superhero double features with some of the best heroic comic-book and superhero films paired off for a double dose of great power with none of the great responsibility!  We're very excited about what we have in store for the coming months.  I think Houstonians are really going to dig it.  For our inaugural screening, we decided to go a bit on the darker side, considering it's October and all, and we're pairing up Sam Raimi's DARKMAN with Guillermo Del Toro's HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY.  Both of these films kick ass and together they are going to make for one hell of a good supernight.  We'll have prizes, games, trivia, and this will be tremendously fun.  And I can't talk about it yet, but we definitely have stuff in store for the next few months.  You won't want to miss this.  These will be screening at Mason Park next Saturday, October 8th at 7:00 PM, and you can click here for tickets.  And I've got two pairs of tickets to give away (that's 4 total for those not mathmatically inclined) for this event!  Email me at anf the first 2 people who drop me a line win!  It's that simple.  Put Dynamic Duos in the heading, and your name and the name of your guest.  These will go fast, so the sooner the better!

Last month's GREAT MUPPET CAPER brought the Houston Alamo Kids' Club off to a rousing start.  we had a terrific turnout and the kids laughed and applauded - and the adults seemed to have an awesome time of it as well, judging from the laughing - and I'm really pleased by how great it turned out.  For October, AICN, 8th Dimension Comics and Games, and the Alamo Drafthouse are going to tell the story of a rebel and his bike with Tim Burton's PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE.  We're going to have more prizes, games, and bring your best bow tie and don't forget to rip the tags off those mattresses.  You will find out if there really is a basement at the Alamo (Drafthouse).  Hint - there isn't.  But it's still awesome anyway!  As with all Kids Club events, tickets are free and can be picked up at the Mason Park box office all the way up until October 29th, at 11:00 AM.  Click here for more details.

What else is going on at the Alamo Drafthouse Houston?  How about THE SHINING today at 6:30 at West Oaks?  Or the SHAUN OF THE DEAD Quote-Along Wednesday the 12th? Or THE EXORCIST on Sunday the 16th? Going to be a loaded month for horror fans this month at the Houston Alamo Drafthouses.  Hope to see you all there.

Nordling, out.

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  • Oct. 2, 2011, 8:51 a.m. CST

    Super Horrifying Flicks For Houstonians!

    by unblinkingeye

    Awesome job putting together these film series in Houston! I'll most def be there Night Of The Creeps/Monster Squad (wish the Thing double was on a weekend).

  • Oct. 2, 2011, 9:20 a.m. CST


    by DrMorbius

    Need to move to Houston, Austin, or just TEXAS in general ASAP!!!

  • Oct. 2, 2011, 10:41 a.m. CST

    Love The Thing poster!

    by cowsaysmoo

    Sometimes I wish I lived in Austin. The Alamo Drafthouse sounds like my kind of church. Alas that would mean I would have to be American and (gasp) Texan!

  • Oct. 2, 2011, 10:43 a.m. CST


    by Andrew Quinsatt

    But I'm not dressing up as a Zombie just to see a movie, I'll just show up as myself half assed alseep and wear a beat up old t-shirt and sandals.. There is that Zombie enough for you Nerdling??

  • Oct. 2, 2011, 12:47 p.m. CST

    I Want That "Saul Bass" Pee Wee Poster!

    by top_cat_james

    Are there copies available for purchase?

  • Oct. 2, 2011, 2:19 p.m. CST

    The Thing poster is good...

    by loafroaster

    ...but the helicopter and the names on the left/right kill it. Without them it'd be awesome.