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ScoreKeeper Has Five CDs of James Horner's COMMANDO to Give Away!!

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here delivering a healthy helping of good news with one hand and some decidedly bad news with the other. First the prerequisite bad news...

The brand new La-La Land Records CD release of James Horner's COMMANDO (1985) I wrote about last week sold out in less than 24 hours. I warned you. Hopefully you heeded my advice and grabbed a copy when you had the chance. If you did not, perhaps my soon-to-be-announced good news will turn that frown upside-down.

La-La Land Records has graciously set aside five copies of the COMMANDO CD for yours truly to give away to loyal Ain't It Cool readers. All online retailers who specialize in limited edition soundtracks have sold out of the title and here you get the opportunity to acquire one completely for free! Now that's cool.



Here's your mission! Rescue a copy of the COMMANDO CD and return it to its rightful place in your soundtrack collection. Drop me an email at using the subject: I EAT GREEN BERETS FOR BREAKFAST! and include your name, mailing address, a valid email address, your favorite COMMANDO quote, and you must answer the following screening questions below.

1). Why do you want the CD?
2). Why didn't you buy the CD when you had the chance?
3). What are French green beans traditionally called?

I'll gather up all the entries and randomly select five winners who will each will receive a copy of James Horner's COMMANDO courtesy of La-La Land Records. The deadline for submission is Saturday, September 10th, at 11:59pm EST. Only one entry per person. International entries will be accepted. Duplicates will be discarded.




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