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Bret Easton Ellis And Paul Schrader Make BAIT Of The Rich!

Nordling here.

Paul Schrader's done horror before, and so has Bret Easton Ellis.  Their worldviews, as expressed in their films and books, respectively, have definitely run to the bleak.  So these two working on a horror film together means that audiences better armor up when they see their film BAIT, which will begin shooting this November in Puerto Rico, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

BAIT is about an employee of a beach club for the wealthy who decides to get his revenge against them by hijacking a yacht full of society's young and rich and dumping them in shark-infested waters.  Sounds awesomely brutal, and hopefully between Ellis and Schrader we'll see some devastaing shark gore, at the very least.  Sounds like another anti-hero from Ellis at the very least.  Who knows, maybe he's a long lost relation to Patrick Bateman.

Nordling, out.

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