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It's All About the Lupin Women and Money... Win a Spice and Wolf Prize Pack

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Spice and Wolf is a rather distinctive anime series. Set on a medieval Europe-like landscape, it follows the journey merchant Kraft Lawrence and the pagan goddess Holo The Wise Wolf who accompanies him on his travels. Part of the appeal of the anime is certainly watching its wolf girl sprawl, comb her tail and gulp down wine, but this is also a series driven by an exploration of economics. Rather than via spells or swords, the action that moves Spice and Wolf involve currency exchanges, commodities prices and debt swaps.

A new, Blu-ray release of the unique anime's first season is due to be released by FUNimation on August 30th, and, on the same date, a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack of its second season will hit.

The journey through the wild countryside continues for the merchant Lawrence and the untamed harvest goddess, Holo. The companions reap the bounty of an ever-strengthening bond, depending on street smarts and animal instincts to carry them along the last miles of their trip to Holo’s northern home. While the villages along their route offer many opportunities for profit, the road is marked by heretics and shady dealers looking to separate the travelers from their savings – and from each other. With the end of the journey in sight, Lawrence and Holo revel in the riches of the relationship they’ve built – but what truly awaits the simple peddler and the forgotten deity at the end of their winding path?

AICN Anime is fortunate enough to have five Spice and Wolf prize packs from FUNimation in to give way to readers.

Each includes a Spice and Wolf pillow, towel and set of coins.



Enter to win by sending an e-mail with the subject line "Spice and Wolf" and your postal address to by August 31st. Sorry, but this restricted to residents of the United States.

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