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You Can See Some Extras From The Upcoming STAR WARS Blu-Rays on your iPad, This Week!?

Merrick here...

Engadget reveals that we'll soon be getting a provocative tease of the numerous extras we'll find on the forthcoming STAR WARS Blu-Rays. 

Set to debut in time for Comic-Con on July 20th, the free app promises some of the 40+ hours of bonus materials planned for the discs, including concept art, models and interviews with cast and crew.

Says Engadget HERE, where you can also find a few screenshot from the app.

Scheduled for release in mid-September, the STAR WARS Blu-Rays are already up for pre-order in various derivations (the "prequels" bunched together, the Special Edition "classic" trilogy bunched together, or the all of 'em in a single giganto-box) HERE.

I love this idea - previewing discs and whatnot via iPad apps - and hope we see more studios and filmmakers embracing this notion in the future. 


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