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JUAN OF THE DEAD Looks Awesome!

Nordling here.

I love zombie movies.  I don't care if it's a played-out genre, I love end-of-the-world cannibal apocalypse stuff, and much of the fun of it is imagining yourself if and when the zombies do come.  It's like when RED DAWN came out, my friends would spend hours thinking up scenarios about what we'd do if the Russians parachuted into Houston.  There's been so many riffs on the genre since Romero's original classic.  But I've never seen one quite like this.

Latino Review's got the exclusive look at what looks to be Cuba's first horror film, and budget issues aside, it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.  Zombie films have taken on the subject of immigration before - that's what's wonderful about zombie films, they make the best social commentary of any horror genre - but I don't think we've ever seen a zombie apocalypse shot inside Cuba before.  If Fantastic Fest scores this movie, I'm all over it.  Please, Fantastic Fest, score this movie.

JUAN OF THE DEAD is written and directed by Alejandro Brugués.  Who knows if this will get wide release?  If Fantastic Fest does get it, I bet it'll be the belle of the ball this year.

Nordling, out.

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