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KING KONG Animated?

Nordling here.

To be fair, Kong's always been animated, except in the 1976 remake, KING KONG LIVES, and KING KONG VS. GODZILLA , where he was a Man In Suit.  But Fox Animation Studios, according to Deadline, is making another version of the classic film, this time from the ape's perspective, and set in modern day.  Christian Magalhaes and Bob Snow will write the script.  Apparently their script for MURDER OF A CAT was on the Black List, and was well received, but Kong is something else entirely.

Personally, I thought we already got a good film from the ape's point of view - it is titled KING KONG, after all, and not THE PEOPLE WHO CAPTURED KING KONG, and I can't imagine an animated film adding anything new to the story.  It's one thing to give Peter Jackson the benefit of the doubt - say what you may about the remake but it respected the source.  But an animated modern day take of the story - if the screenwriters are writing right now that a character steps in giant monkey poop, step back from the keyboard and do something else today.  I'm sure Harry will have a thing or 76272643891 to say about this.

Nordling, out.

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