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Titan Books And AICN Wanna Give You A One Of Five Copies Of Dennis Meikle's Johnny Depp Bio!!

Merrick here...


...with an opportunity for AICN readers to score one of 5 (five) copies of Dennis Meikle's JOHNNY DEPP biography...

...which I'm told "explores everything from his debut in A Nightmare on Elm Street, to his recent work on films such as The Tourist and Rango."

I haven't had a chance to glance through this title yet so I can't personally vouch for its content, but I can say that this is from Titan Books - and I've been consistently impressed and occasionally floored by their work - so there's probably some nice material here. 

Whether you love Depp, or hate Depp, remain neutral on the actor, or are simply frustrated that he he's the default 'go to' whenever a highly visible/iconic role needs to be cast, there's no denying that Depp is a meaningful force in the industry and this book could well provide insight into how such a lofty status was attained.  We've come a long way from 21 JUMP STREET.  

How do you win a copy?  The rules are simple and stated below - BUT PLEASE FOLLOW THEM PRECISELY.  We invariably have a number of unnecessary disqualification from people who don't exactingly follow the guidelines presented below, and we hat to see that happen.


** Sometime between the time you read this and 11:59:59 PM CST USA on Sunday May 8, send an e-mail to me via the link below. You can enter as much as you like for each of the contest's five days.

** Include your name and mailing address in this e-mail. The address is to expedite prize shipment only and will be summarily discarded once book recipients are chosen. No spam, no mailing lists, etc.


** Be sure to send from an ACTIVE (and frequently checked) E-MAIL ACCOUNT. If I try to reach you & my message bounces back? I'll trash your win and move on to the next closest winning contestant I can reach.

** I've already pre-selected ONE time of day between today (Wednesday) and Sunday (five days, one copy awarded per day). The person who e-mails me at (or closest to) one of these pre-selected times will receive a copy of the book. NOTE: I've been asked this before, so...for clarity...I'm using whatever time is stamped on the Yahoo mailing address established for this contest as the determiner. I'm in Central Time USA, so I guess that's a CST time stamp (?).

** The five recipients will be announced next week.

** Titan will have your addresses in hand next Tuesday morning & they've been kind enough to handle fulfillment in this contest.

** As a general FYI, you should know that...due to the number and frequency of entries...recipients in past contests were sometimes selected by matters of seconds. Literally.

** If you don't want an abbreviation of your name and state (G. Oliver, TX) announced on the site, please say so in your entry.

All you gotta do now is...




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