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Clive Owen, Gillian Anderson and Andrea Riseborough join the cast of James Marsh's Untitled IRA Thriller!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Vulture is reporting that Clive Owen has joined James Marsh's IRA thriller, previously titled Shadow Dancer and currently flying under the Untitled banner.

Most know Marsh's documentary work with his great Man On Wire and his just as great recent Sundance success Project Nim, but he also directed both The King and the second Red Riding installment (which is a fantastic series, by the way... if you haven't seen the Red Riding films hit up your Netflix. It's on Watch Instant).

I love me some Clive Owen, especially when he's in a gritty fucked up universe, which Marsh promises this film will be, calling it a genre film and a thriller in his chat with Vulture.

Never Let Me Go's Andrea Riseborough, X-Files' Gillian Anderson and The Wire's Aidan Gillen have also joined the project. I have a feeling this is one to put on the radar and watch for. What do you folks think?

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