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There be mermaids on this new Pirates of the Caribbean Poster!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Although my days as being labeled AICN's crusty seaman are behind me (minus an "ahoy" here or there, of course), I still drag out the brittle captain's hat and salty language from time to time. Since spotting mermaids off the bow of the Orca this morning I figured it was a righteous occasion!

Speakin' as a Captain, I gotta say it looks like Ol' Jack had his balls clipped a little judging from the early trailers, but I hold out hope for my fellow buccaneer as I haven't disliked a Pirates film yet... maybe felt "meh", but not "I hate this."

I dig the old maritime art feel to this new mermaids poster, though. Very dynamic, sexy and thank God not a bunch of floating heads. What say you, scabs?



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