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AICN COMICS @ C2E2: Ambush Bug & the @$$Holes will be at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. Will you?

Hey folks, AICN COMICS / AICN HORROR Editor Ambush Bug here. I'll be tooling around the aisles, attending the panels, and hobnobbing with the hobs and the nobbs at this year's C2E2 in the Chicago South Loop at the McCormick Place Convention Center. Fellow @$$Holes Henry Higgins is My Homeboy, Ian Pershke, and @$$Hole co-editor Sleazy G will be with me. So if you want us to stop by your booth, let us know. Hope to see everyone (and I mean, EVERYONE!!! in my loudest Gary Oldman voice) at the show. It looks to be a fun time. I know I can't wait to see Patton Oswalt perform on Friday, as well as the Ghost Hunters (guilty pleasure!) on Saturday, and many more.

Hope everyone travels out to see this event's second year!

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