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SUPER 8 poster is a tad askewed, perfect for a British Quad though...

Hey folks, Harry here...  stuck mainly at the house through this SXSW...  The back just can't take a terrible lot of sitting up, so I'm having to pace myself.   Choosing my nights, but as a result while every other geek on staff is checking out SOURCE CODE or some other cinematic treat in this city, I'll be posting this new poster for JJ Abrams' SUPER 8 - his love letter to all things Spielbergian...  



I love the trailer that hit today, it was a perfect tease - one that delivers goosebumps and makes me shiver in anticipation.  Now look at this poster...  with a view askewed, like the Super 8 footage that the camera will capture in the film when it is laying on its side.   What will we see through that skewed lens?  Can not wait to see for myself!

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