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In the New York Area? Take Advantage of an Opportunity to Check Out Some Korean Animated Movies

Hi, AICN Anime's Scott Green here with something not anime related, but still pretty cool.

Personally, I've only seen a hand-full of Korean animation productions. Though the works that I have sampled have tended to be flawed, without confidence of live action, seeing distinctive qualities and artists emerge in those movies has been rewarding.

Along those lines, if you're interested in experimenting with your media consumption, here's a great opportunity...

The Korean Cultural Service announced that it will be screening 35mm prints of a selection of animated movies as part of their Free Korean Movie series every other Tuesday at 7pm at New York's Tribeca Cinemas.

Tuesday, March 15 @ 7pm
YOBI, THE FIVE-TAILED FOX (New York Premiere, 2007)

On the other end of the spectrum is this lush, gorgeously animated film from the director that people call “Korea’s Hayao Miyazaki,” Lee Seong-Gang. His previous film was the lush MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL MARI, and he spent years making this follow-up, a big budget animated epic. Exquisitely detailed and shimmering with eye-popping colors, it tells the tale of one of Korea’s mythical, shape-shifting five-tailed foxes and its encounter with an alien.

Tuesday, April 5 @ 7pm
WHAT IS NOT ROMANCE (US Premiere, 2009)

A surprisingly moving animated film, WHAT IS NOT ROMANCE is all about a middle aged couple approaching their anniversary and it’s as tender, delicate and subtle as the best arthouse movie. Tensions are rising, dinner table conversation is nonexistent and all their romance seems dead. Leaping backwards in time it returns to the beginning of their marriage when they were head over heels in love with each other and traces it to the present when they barely talk and tries to see if there’s any way for a couple married for years to get back to the way things were.

Tuesday, April 19 @ 7pm
AUDITION (North American Premiere, 2008)

What line-up of Korean animation would be complete without a glitzy, gaudy, crowd-pleasing anime-style manhwa (Korean manga) adaptation? Based on the most popular manhwa of the late 90’s, AUDITION is a teen-girl-ready romance about four dudes, all misfits, who form a rock band. All the main characters are already licensed products in Korea and this feature film version of their well-known story took 8 years to make. It’s pure pop culture cream cheese: smooth and delicious.


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