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Capone has the Winners' Names for the Chicago RANGO screening!!!

Hey everyone. Capone here, with the list of winners for tickets to see the Chicago-area Ain't It Cool exclusive screening of RANGO on Saturday, February 26 at 7:00pm.

Those who entered and won will receive an email from me shortly with the details on the location of the screening. If you entered this contest and your name is on the list, but you did not receive an email, let me know and I'll get you the details.

Please remember, although this is an exclusive AICN event, it is slightly overbooked to make sure we have a full house. Please arrive early to make sure you get in and get a good seat.

Here are the lucky winners…

Alisa Azpeitia (+1)
Jen Bacher (+1)
Adam Bahe (+1)
Steven Barber (+1)
Derek Bergmann (+1)
Evan Berkow (+1)
Chris O. Biddle (+1)
Bryon Blofstein (+1)
Darin Bolton (+1)
Ciara Butler (+1)
Chris Canibano (+1)
Tyler Carroll (+1)
Katie Celia (+1)
Angelica Chan (+1)
Ralph Cielocha (+1)
Alex Creager (+1)
Piotr Dabrowski (+1)
Jasmine Davila
Benjamin de Boer (+1)
Christian De La Torre (+1)
Edgar Espinoza (+1)
Jennifer Evans (+1)
Joel Finkle (+1)
Casey Franklin (+1)
Jeff Gabrielson (+1)
Anthony Gagliardi (+1)
Alex Goldberg
Jennifer Greenebaum (+1)
Leslie Ann Haes (+1)
Leonard Hamilton (+1)
Rudy A. Hernandez (+1)
Colin Hettinger (+3)
Christopher Hoerdemann (+1)
Alex Hoffmeyer (+1)
Han Huie
Rebecca Hyland (+1)
Joe Jacob (+1)
Eric Jankovsky (+1)
Michael Jarvis
Vasilios Katsibaros (+1)
Lindsay King (+1)
Rob Kuzmicki (+1)
Justin Lain (+1)
Rosamund Lannin (+1)
Anne Lawrie (+1)
Rogeno T. Mahor (+1)
Curt Marcucci (+1)
Kelsey Marland (+1)
Tom McDonough (+1)
Kevin McElligott (+1)
John McGuigan (+1)
Nicole McHugh (+1)
Kevin McSweeney (+1)
Brian Meadowcroft (+1)
Elisa Moreale (+1)
Kathleen Mroz (+1)
Christopher Nash (+1)
Ashley Norman (+1)
Matt Ott (+1)
Chris Pala (+1)
Anthony Patryn (+1)
Monika Pawlak (+1)
Albert Peruzzo (+1)
Guiseppi Protacio
Edgar Reyna (+1)
Matt Rice (+1)
Jes Rivera (+1)
Lindsay Robertson (+1)
Britany Robinson (+1)
Cole Rothacker (+1)
E.J. Rouzin-Moy (+1)
Kathleen Ryan (+1)
Sean Sands (+1)
Christopher Sanew (+1)
Darren Schabdach (+1)
Carl D. Schumacher (+1)
Therese Seemann (+1)
Baird Shattuck (+1)
Daniel Spilatro (+1)
Dee Stiffler (+1)
Matt Storc (+1)
Matt Tassell
Andrea Thomalla (+1)
Ryan Thompson (+1)
David Tolin (+1)
Steve Tolley (+1)
Christopher Tysh (+1)
Tommy Valdez (+1)
David Welch (+1)
Kristin Wicks (+1)
Emily Wong (+1)
Brian Wyner (+1)
David Yang (+1)
Max Zuckert (+1)

-- Capone
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  • Feb. 23, 2011, 2:12 a.m. CST

    Thanks Capone!

    by Dapper Swindler

  • Feb. 23, 2011, 9:25 a.m. CST

    It would be cool

    by noiretblanc

    if I could see what answers people won with on these contests, because, while this wasn't hard to think of something, I can't imagine what else besides Bonobos would win. I'm pretending half said Bonobos, and the other half said something like "parasitic worms are just too disgusting to be marketable," or something as straightforward as that.

  • Feb. 23, 2011, 12:19 p.m. CST


    by hitchhiker42

    THANKS CAPONE! Can't wait to see this.