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This MECHANIC Mash-up Exclusive Video is pretty cool!

Hey folks, Harry here...   This is pretty cool.   When that last trailer for Statham's MECHANIC came up, I ran it with an embed of Bronson's MECHANIC trailer.   I just couldn't help myself.   As a fan of that Bronson flick, it was simply an excuse to do... well, the right thing.   Which is to talk about the new film and the old.   So imagine my surprise when CBS Films contacted me yesterday wanting to know if I'd like to post the video MASH-UP they did with both films.   

Of course, that plays directly to my sensibilities.   And the resulting video is kinda fun.  I even like the promotion of renting or buying the original, then going to see Statham's.   Cool.   At least I think so.  BTW...  Didn't Bronson have the coolest face and voice ever?  Excuse me, I must douse with Mandom...


MECHANIC v. MECHANIC Mash Up from Harry Knowles on Vimeo.

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