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Summit releases first shot of The Beaver... wait, that doesn't sound right...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Well, look at this... Summit must have found this Mel Gibson movie under a couch somewhere. Surely they didn't kick it under there after the latest round of Mel Gibson craziness and pretend like it didn't exist! The Beaver is one of my most anticipated movies of 2011 (and it was one of my most anticipated movies of 2010 before the... um... delay...) and I'm happy to see they're not just shelving it indefinitely. Not only have I read the script by Austinite Kyle Killen and love it to death, but I spent a day on the set that hopefully you'll be able to read about sooner than later. I was impressed with what I saw on the set, mostly because it seemed to embrace the darkly comic tone of the script, not shy away from it. Basically the flick is about a guy scraping the bottom of the barrel... he's distant from his family, doesn't care about anybody or anything. As suicide looks like the best option for him the man stumbles upon a discarded Beaver hand puppet, which he then uses as an outlet for his emotions. It's a story of a splintered family, broken by insanity, that is somehow bizarrely drawn together by a different side to that same insanity. Family friendly, this is not, and thank God for that. If Mel Gibson is looking for a comeback, he's already got it in the can. Directed by Jodie Foster (who also plays Gibson's wife in the film) and featuring Anton Yelchin as Gibson's pissed off kid, the flick sees release this coming Spring. Here's the photo Summit released, with the promise of a trailer coming shortly:

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