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Alex Aja has been reading Manga & watching Anime... Does he read Scott Green?

Hey folks, Harry here and I've got sad news for those of you that love Aja's bloody work to date. Yes, it is true that one of the founding members of THE SPLAT PACK - speaking of which - you seen this:

As I was saying, one of the founding members of THE SPLAT PACK - is packing up his directing gear and is heading into outer space. Aja is adapting the Manga/Anime property, COBRA: THE SPACE PIRATE into a big budget space epic... Now, if you know the source material - it is sexy and has its fair share of violence - so I don't think that Eli & Adam and the others are going to kick him out of the Splat Pack.... but I'll ask Eli tonight. To read the total scoop on this story, Check out Mike Fleming's story that broke it all. Now if only Aja could invent a time machine and get 1970 Jean Paul Belmondo to play Cobra. That'd be the shit.

Hey, Scott Green with a little Space Adventure Cobra background

Though a few samples of Space Adventure Cobra did make it to North America, and it even got mixed into the line of Gobot toys, Space Adventure Cobra is one of number of anime globally popular, with little American recognition. And, Aja's native France is one of the spots where Cobra was a hit... attracting devotees like Luc Besson. The eponymous Cobra is basically Jean-Paul Belmondo as a pirate fighting space bounty hunter with a Psycho-gun laser arm. It's as shamelessly pulpy as that sounds. The original Buichi Terasawa manga ran in from Weekly Shonen Jump from 1978 to 1984, back when the home of Naruto could get away with ultra-violent Fist of the North Star, and the prevy Terasawa was far from retrained in his vision of robot women and far future ladies' wear. Among North American anime fans, it's a divisive series. Most haven't seen any. Some hate it. Some like it ironically. And for a few, its unrestrained sci-fi capers are offer a unique thrill. Episodes of the recent anime remake can be viewed on Crunchyroll.
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  • Aug. 19, 2010, 1:26 p.m. CST

    Pretty rad

    by tronknotts

    Cobra is highly underrated stuff. It's like Bond meets Star Trek meets Zardoz, plus side burns and bionic arms. It's hard not to like.

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 1:27 p.m. CST

    a documentary about saw and hostel

    by awepittance

    i'll pass

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 1:41 p.m. CST


    by LaserPants

    I hope they keep it rooted in the 70s sci-fi manga aesthetic too. Don't put 'em in some nondescript black leather get up like they always do these days...

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 1:43 p.m. CST

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  • Aug. 19, 2010, 1:43 p.m. CST

    Underwhelmed the fuck out of me

    by Seph_J


  • Aug. 19, 2010, 1:55 p.m. CST

    I like how every other shot is of a thonged ass

    by terry1978

    Knock yourself out, Aja.

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 2:08 p.m. CST


    by boardbrtn

    Which Adam are we talking about?

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 3:36 p.m. CST

    Should do Midnight Eye Goku instead of Cobra

    by letsfightinglove

    Cobra was a bit too goofy for me

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 3:46 p.m. CST

    ok whats with these douchebag chinese spammers in the talkbacks

    by ChocolateJesusMan

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 3:48 p.m. CST

    what about Gantz..that would be a great project for Aja

    by ChocolateJesusMan

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 3:51 p.m. CST

    maybe the Chinese government

    by Seph_J

    finally unblocked AICN after reading Harry's Inception review... the feeling being "who cares whats on this website, nobody will believe that bullshit!"

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 4:35 p.m. CST

    Like the French Says "Rendons a César..."

    by French_giiik

    Just so you Know the site broke the news one month ago ^_^.

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 8:57 p.m. CST

    Um hi, Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend" video?!

    by Anna Valerious

    That's what many of us know "Space Adventurer Cobra" from. And they'd better use that song.

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 9:27 p.m. CST

    Why is Cobra

    by jr_shabadoo

    Getting ready to shoot that giant lady in the hoo?

  • Aug. 19, 2010, 11:42 p.m. CST

    No Cobra? No Spike Spiegel!

    by Gluecifer

    Just as simple as that. One of the four or five cultes anime series ever in France, Switzerland and Belgium, alongside Goldorak, Ken le survivant (Fist of the North Star), Juliette je t'aime (Maison Ikkoku), Les cités d'or,... Those Americans hating the show should be shot on sight, end of the story. Midnight Eye Goku doesn't have the popularity Cobra has in those countries (far, far, far, far from it!!!!!) and since Aja is French and has bought the rights and since Cobra is worldwide far more popular than Goku and since the character design for Cobra is based on Jean-Paul Belmondo (the young one, not the old clown he has become)...

  • Aug. 20, 2010, 1:14 a.m. CST

    Splat Pack? No. No. No. No. etc.

    by mrgray

    Yeah, let's just further celebrate and inflate the egos of that largely hacky group. Neil Marshall is the only one in that trailer who deserves accolades. Horror is in a sad state when THESE guys are the major young guns.

  • Aug. 20, 2010, 3:29 a.m. CST

    Thomas Jane as Cobra!

    by can-D

    Really he got the looks.

  • Aug. 20, 2010, 12:27 p.m. CST


    by ndally

    ...Lambert?? He's gay.

  • Aug. 21, 2010, 12:22 a.m. CST

    Splat pack?

    by detectivesoap

    Don't buy it. A doc about the New Extremity or whatever they call it this week (Breillat, to some extent Aja, Von Trier, Noe, etc etc) would be a little (lot) more exciting, but then they couldn't have Eli Roth. I love Hostel, but Hostel 2 was worthless.

  • Aug. 23, 2010, 10:47 a.m. CST


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