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Mystery Science Theater 3000 XVIII mocks four more movies: * 2.8: “Lost Continent” (1951) Cesar Romero, Whit Bissel and Hugh Beaumont star in a tale of scientists who climb many rocks to recover a test rocket. Joel offers a pep talk and The Cool Thing is witnessed. * 4.17: “Crash of the Moons” (1954) Another compilation of “Rocky Jones: Space Ranger” episodes, this time co-starring John Banner (“Hogan’s Heroes”) as the ruler of a runaway moon on a collision course. Joel reads Crow’s sci-fi screenplay and John Banner-grams are introduced. * 6.21 “The Beast of Yucca Falls” (1961) Wrestler Tor Johnson (Plan 9”) plays a defecting Russian scientist turned into a mutant by an atom bomb. Mike has issues with Crow’s film anti-preservation campaign and gets more votes than Dr. Forrester. * 8.13: “Jack Frost” (1964) A product of the Soviet Union featuring the sorcerer Mushroom Pixie, the witch Baba Yaga and eventually Jack Frost. Mike helps settle a Bobo-Brain Guy conflict and Crow hires a Russian expert. The new set features also: * A new “Jack Frost” intro by Kevin Murphy (Servo II). * A new “Lost Continent” intro by Frank Coniff (TV’s Frank). * “MST3K Hour” wraps for “Crash of the Moons” hosted by Fake Jack Perkins. * “No Dialogue Necessary: Making An ‘Off-Camera Masterpiece.’” * “Coleman Francis: The Cinematic Poet of Parking.”

Essentially a contemporary, unauthorized basic-cable version of the Steven Spielberg/Jeff Nathanson big-screen hit “Catch Me If You Can” (this time penned by less-accomplished screenwriter Jeff Eastin, who wrote the 1999 Jamie Foxx comedy “Held Up” and created NBC’s short-lived 2004 series “Hawaii”), USA’s “White Collar” follows an Abagnale-like con-man (Matthew Bomer, who also plays Bryce Larkin on “Chuck”) who teams with the Hanratty-like FBI man who put him away (Tim DeKay, who played Jonesy on “Carnivale”). Together they fight crime. Producers even find an excuse to put the con man in some Abagnale-like 1960s wardrobe. The Bomer character’s antics are largely unconvincing (if he’s so keen to stay out of stir, why does he make it so easy for the FBI man to catch him a second time?) and the oversized opener is predictably and fundamentally inferior to “Catch Me If You Can” in every other conceivable way. But Bomer is an awfully pretty young man and the show is no worse to my eye than profitable USA fodder like “Psych” and “Burn Notice”; I suspect the channel will keep it around for years. The critics seem absolutely hypnotized by how cute Bomer is: USA Today says:
… Happily, USA has learned two important lessons from Thief: Keep the capers light, and build them around an incredibly appealing actor. And boy, have they. … Bomer gives White Collar the charm, wit and sex appeal tinged with sadness it needs to work …
The New York Times says:
… a winsome, quick-paced caper that is part “Catch Me if You Can,” part “Shampoo.” Portrayed without any breaks in impish magnetism by Matt Bomer (formerly of “Chuck”), Caffrey is a master forger, hobby historian, high-end thief …
The Los Angeles Times says:
… Sparkling, snappy, bursting with energy and good clean heist fun, the first episode of "White Collar" may, in fact, be the most perfect pilot to air in a long, long time. … Bomer, last seen as Bryce Larkin on "Chuck," is all blue eyes, chiseled chin and president of the rowing club charm, a man capable of wrangling room-with-a-view and board from a rich widow ( Diahann Carroll) with nothing more than a knowing compliment and a smile. …
The Chicago Tribune says:
There are several good reasons to watch “White Collar.” Two of them reside on either side of Matthew Bomer’s nose, just below his forehead. … Caffrey’s apparently effortless approach to life could be grating, but Bomer imbues him with an element of a sweetness and even longing (a missing girlfriend will be an ongoing story thread). And the lessons Caffrey teaches the slightly nervous Burke about enjoying life may be more or less expected, but they’re delivered with a relatively light touch. …
The Washington Post says:
It must be said right off that Matthew Bomer, who stars as paroled forger-thief-grifter Neal Caffrey in USA's stylish new crime procedural, "White Collar," is like, even cuter than Dr. Humunuh-humunuh or whatever his name is over there on CBS's brain-dead new hospital show, "Three Rivers." This is important to point out because the fall season has all but unfurled itself and somewhere out there, editors at People are assembling a new Sexiest Man Alive issue. I'm just doing my part in identifying televised hottitude and I apologize if there's drool on your paper. … works hard to establish a vibe of style and smarts, and almost gets the job done. It's certainly watchable and easy on the brain, which is just how dedicated crime-show watchers like it. …
The San Francisco Chronicle says:
… "White Collar" is no "Mad Men," nor is it "Sons of Anarchy," but it doesn't aim to be. It's a procedural with elements of longer spiraling story arcs, loads of charm, good-looking actors, writing that can be both witty and move the plot along without embarrassing itself and, most important, characters that viewers will embrace. … If you can get past the shortcuts that series like this have to take (everything happens too effortlessly, there's excessive exposition, etc.), there's an enormous likability factor in play, and it makes you want to watch it (without much mental effort) the following 13 weeks. …
The Newark Star Ledger says:
… Bouncy, slick and very much on-brand from the channel that gives you "Burn Notice" and "Monk." …
The Boston Herald says:
By now everyone is sick of USA Network’s overworked slogan: “Characters wanted.” Also needed: writers with a strong grasp of story and dialogue and actors who can do more than model clothes. … DeKay is well cast as the neurotic agent with a short fuse, but Bomer seems to have won his role because of his talent for strutting in a Rat Pack suit. (“You look like a cartoon,” Peter tells him.) He’s stiff, bland and utterly unconvincing as the brilliant strategist capable of outwitting practically the entire FBI. … While USA Network deserves credit for introducing a crime drama that doesn’t revolve around forensics (or even violent crime per se), “White Collar” is forgettable. …
The Boston Globe says:
… beyond the formulaic outline, “White Collar,’’ which premieres tonight at 10, is actually one of the best new shows of the season. … The “White Collar’’ script isn’t deep or particularly clever, but it’s filled with appealingly wry flourishes. … I can’t say that you’ll be blown away by “White Collar.’’ Like the similarly jaunty “Burn Notice,’’ it’s not that kind of show. But you may well be gladdened by its breezy spirit. …
Variety says:
… There's nothing new under the sun, but USA seems to get more mileage out of its retreads than most. Neatly in tune with the breezy charms of "Burn Notice," "White Collar" recycles the outlines of "It Takes a Thief," as a high-tech criminal/con artist grudgingly teams with the FBI investigator who put him away. …

The new set comes in both DVD and Blu-ray.

Mostly here I want to issue blanket recommendation for the first two seasons of “Ally McBeal.” Its third season had its moments, but I’d encourage most to steer clear and seek out “Boston Legal” instead.
Herc’s Popular Pricing Pantry

“The Andy Griffith Show,” maybe the funniest American sitcom of the 1960s and $22.49 last week, just fell to $15.49/Season!!
“The Bob Newhart Show,” maybe the funniest American sitcom of the 1970s and $17.49 last week, just fell to $9.99/Season!!
“Cheers,” maybe the funniest American sitcom of the 1980s and $21.99 last week, just saw some seasons fall to $14.99/Season!!
“Hill Street Blues,” maybe the funniest cop drama ever, just fell to $9.99/Season!!
“St. Elsewhere,” the funniest hospital drama ever (some say the best TV drama ever) and $27.49 last week, just fell to $14.99!! So funny they get laughs out of Howie Mandel!
“Aeon Flux: The Series,” $26.99 last week, just fell to $20.99!! Unlike the movie, this series is amazing and could manifest the best $21 you spend this week. Fucking. Buy. It. “Peaks”-weird. “Peaks”-brilliant.
“Star Trek” Blu-ray, $63.49 in June, momentarily $42.99!!
“Star Trek: The Next Generation,” $48.99 last week, is momentarily $35.99/Season!!
“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” $46.49 last week, is momentarily $35.99/Season!!
“Star Trek: Voyager,” $45.99 last week, is momentarily $35.99/Season!!
“Star Trek: Enterprise,” $50.99 last week, is momentarily $35.99/Season!!
“Twilight Zone,” $69.99 last week, is momentarily $32.99/Season!!
“Columbo” season sets, $37.49 in February and $30.99 two weeks ago, are momentarily $17.49 Each!! An A-plus cop show.
“Mr. Show: The Complete Series,” $47.49 two weeks ago, is momentarily $20.99!! (58% Off!!) Not as good as Mr. Plow, but so close!
There are still $2/movie Matrix, Lethal Weapon, Superman, Elm Street, horsie, Ice Cube and John Wayne sets.

TV-on-Disc Calendar

Last Week Doc Martin 4.x Doctor Who: The Horns of Nimon Doctor Who: The Space Museum/The Chase Doctor Who: Time Monster Doctor Who: Underworld Dragnet 2.x ER 13.x The Game 3.x The Game: 3-Season Pack Have Gun Will Travel 4.x Vol. 2 Have Gun Will Travel: Four Season Pack Life On Mars: The Complete BBC Collection Project Runway 7.x Rhoda 3.x Squidbillies Vol. 3 Touching Evil: The Complete Collection
This Week

Ally McBeal 3.x

The Lucy Show 2.x

The Lucy Show: 2-Season Pack

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XVIII

Psych 4.x

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell

Saving Grace 3.x

Selling Hitler: The Complete Miniseries

Sesame Street: 20 Years

SpongeBob SquarePants: Triton's Revenge

Street Hawk: The Complete Series

The Super Hero Squad Show Vol. 1

Venice Revealed: The Complete Series <--- NEW!!

White Collar 1.x

White Collar 1.x (Blu-ray)

World War I In Color: The Complete Miniseries
Next Week Being Human 1.x Being Human 1.x (Blu-ray) Courage The Cowardly Dog 1.x Degrassi: The Next Generation 9.x Desperate Romantics: The Complete Miniseries Jersey Shore 1.x Look Around You 1.x Matlock 5.x Matlock 5-Season Pack My Boys 2.x/3.x Super Friends 1.x Vol. 2 Tin Man: The Complete Miniseries (Blu-ray) Trinity 1.x
July 27 The Agatha Christie Hour Vol. 1

Battlestar Galactica 3.x (Blu-ray) The Black Arrow: The Complete Series The City 2.x Crash 2.x Dog the Bounty Hunter: Crime is on the Run GI Joe: The Movie GI Joe: The Movie (Blu-ray) Hunter: The Complete Series Instant Star 4.x Life After People 2.x Life After People 2.x (Blu-ray) Mercy 1.x The Mothers-In-Law: The Complete Series Pawn Stars 2.x The Phil Silvers Show 1.x Poirot Vol. 4 Poirot Vol. 5 Prime Time Crime Sabrina The Teenage Witch: The Complete Series Stargate Universe 1.11-1.20 Stargate Universe 1.11-1.20 (Blu-ray) Stephen Fry in America: The Complete Miniseries Stephen Fry in America: The Complete Miniseries (Blu-ray)

The Sweeney 1.x <--- NEW!!

The Sweeney 2.x <--- NEW!! 21 Jump Street 3.x
August 3 Days That Shook The World 3.x Days That Shook The World: The Complete Series Hawaii Five-0 9.x Henson's Place Heroes 4.x Heroes 4.x (Blu-ray) Lytton's Diary: The Complete Collection Mercy: The Complete Series The Real Ghostbusters Vol. 3 SNL: The Best of Will Ferrell Vol. 3
August 10 Adam-12 5.x Big Time Rush: Six Episodes Bugs Bunny Hare Extraordinaire Casper's Scare School 1.x Daffy Duck Frustrated Fowl Max Headroom: The Complete Series Minder 3.x Numb3rs 6.x
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