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@@@@ What the #$%! is AICN COMICS: SPINNER RACK PREVIEWS? @@@@

AICN COMICS: SPINNER RACK PREVIEWS is our new weekly one-stop shop for previews of comics coming out in the upcoming week. Click on the pics below to gaze into the near future to read these extra special previews of comics varying from the heart of the mainstream to the tip of the edge of the fringe.
Be sure to look for more AICN COMICS as the rest of your favorite @$$Holes lend their opinions on their weekly pull every Wednesday with AICN COMICS REVIEWS and then more @$$y goodness can be found in our semi-regular interview column AICN COMICS: Q&@ now on Fridays!
Hey all, Ambush Bug here. Just wanted to give you all a heads up that you’ll be seeing the @$$Holes all week this week as we celebrate our Sixth Annual AICN COMICS @$$IE AWARDS! Starting tomorrow, we will be providing our picks for the best of the best in comics in our own special way. Hopefully you’ll check it out and enjoy the sweet @$$ie goodness. But first, check out today’s previews from the Spinner Rack to the Future!

Today on the Spinner Rack!

CYBERFORCE/HUNTER-KILLER #5 Writer: Mark Waid Art: Kenneth Rocafort Publisher: Top Cow In stores this week!

ANGEL: A HOLE IN THE WORLD #4 Writer: Scott Tipton Art: Elena Cassagrande Publisher: IDW Publishing In stores this week!

DANTE’S INFERNO #4 Writer: Christos Gage Art: Diego Latorre Publisher: DC Wildstorm In stores this week!

GI JOE: ORIGINS #13 Writer: Scott Beatty Art: S.L. Gallant & Walden Wong Publisher: IDW Publishing In stores this week!

THIS GAY EXISTENCE #2 By Adam Fair Available at In stores now!

WEEKLY WORLD NEWS #3 Writer: Chris Ryall Art: Alan Robinson Publisher: IDW Publishing In stores this week!

SPELL CHECKERS Vol. 1 Writer: Jamie S. Rich Artist: Nicolas Hitori de & Joelle Jones Publisher: Oni Press In stores April 14th, 2010

TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE #4 Writer: Zander Cannon Art: Chee Publisher: IDW Publishing In stores this week!

WILLIAM SHATNER PRESENTS TEK WAR #6 Writer: William Shatner & Scott Davis Pencils: Lipe Publisher: Bluewater Comics In stores March 24th!

AMERICAN TERROR: CONFESSIONS OF A HUMAN SMART BOMB V.2 By Jeff McComsey Publisher: Alterna Comics Available now!

FEMALE FORCE: ELLEN DEGENERES #1 Writer: Sandra C. Ruckdeschel Art: Pedro Ponzo Publisher: Bluewater Comics In stores on March 31!

Advance Sneak Peek! ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS ADVENTURE #3 Writer: Chris Ryall Art: Various Publisher: IDW Publishing Coming soon!

And finally…we leave you with…this.

Editing, compiling, imaging, coding, logos & cat-wrangling by Ambush Bug Proofs, co-edits & common sense provided by Sleazy G

Starts tomorrow!
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